Christian Louboutin is far from defeated, he and his lawyers have taken their case to the federal appellate courts in pursuit of enforcing a trade on his famous red soles. Mr. Louboutin hopes to go head to head with Yves Saint Laurent and win, chastising them for using a red sole on one of their products. The shade used on Louboutin's shoes is a very specific shade of China Red and YSL violated this trademark in their 2011 resort collection. Last year a New York judge prevented Louboutin's request to stop Yves Saint Laurent's production of all shoes with a red sole. The question put to the court is whether or not the trademark that Louboutin acquired in 2008 is valid and whether or not YSL has violated that trademark by making shoes with a red sole as well. Mr. Louboutin plans to pursuit this case as far as he can, even garnering attention from the like of Dian von Furstenberg who accompanied him to the courtroom earlier today. I guess if we're well on our way to patenting life we may as well patent colors as well.

YSL Trib Too(left)  and Louboutin Bambou - Lindsay Holmes for the Wall Street Journal

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