Givenchy is another very high end iconic label that seems to be switching to almost exclusively evening wear in the women's department. Riccardo Tisci's collection is inspired by the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang. He describes the entire collection of 10 dresses, as "sparkly"which is pretty much a correct assessment of the collection, they sparkly with dark and beautiful accents added to them. The workmanship on these dresses is exquisite, one dress is adorned with more than a million tiny beads, hand stitched by a seamstress that took over two weeks to make it. I love the makeup that the models are wearing, of course it's not functional in real life, but it is so couture. The addition of the basketball to the photographs is perfect considering the setting is in a room similar to a gymnasium, it's the perfect finishing touch.  I have a feeling we will see a lot of this collection on the red carpet.

All photos courtesy of Givenchy

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