Milly by Michelle Smith is a brand that I recently discovered, she's been creating since 2001 so I was surprised that I had overlooked it until now, but I think her line is definitely worth checking out. I love how her clothes have such eye catching prints and a vintage but still modern feel to them. As a note to her children's clothes, while a seemingly relatively small part of her clothing line, they are amazing, I would be honored to dress a child in these clothes. Michelle has some interesting and formidable credentials in her resume, she was the first American Hermes employee that was sent to intern in Paris with that huge and illustrious fashion house. Buffing up her extensive resume also are two little places called Louis Vuitton and Dior where she interned at this time as well. Many celebrities are fans of her clothing line so you know it has to be good. Here's a few of my favorite pieces from her current collections.

Elizabete Hostess Dress $425

Julia Ruffle Dress $105 - $112

Luggage Lock Camille Coat $261.99

Perfect Pleated Date Skirt $275
*Update: Click over to the Stylist and get a limited time 25% discount on Milly items and read about what it's like to work at Milly.

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