Can anyone even say anything bad about Marchesa? I don't think so, the gowns they design are superb, they're enough to make any girl feel like a princess when she's wearing one of their pieces.

This dress makes it seem as though the top portion of the model is on fire. Whenever I think of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games I will think of a dress like this for the times she appears on fire.

Because of the detail on this dress and its frilly fabrics it's the perfect dress to make a statement in. There's something so edgy about that pattern too... 

Set apart from all the other Marchesa dresses in this collection, this black dress walks in a path all it's own. The edgy cutouts and leather-like materials leads one to think this dress would be best suited on someone who has luck pulling off the rocker chic look.
With all the feminine touches on this dress and the color, it will take someone with real fashion sense to be able to pull of this flesh colored dress.

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